I am embarking on a new adventure. I am making print-on-demand books that you can buy from Amazon.com. I am also creating e-books for the iPad for old and new books. I’ll let you know when each book is available. Meanwhile, click on the white stars to find out what’s new.

· The Black Orchid Code

· my animated videos

· a print-on-demand edition of Horace’s carmina called Carpe Diem

· a new book called Beo-Bunny

· a new serialized book called Scrapbook

· a companion guide for From the Good Mountain

· my next book from Roaring Brook Press: From the Good Mountain

· the print-on-demand edition of Tutu’s Quilt

· a curriculum guide for Tutu’s Quilt 

· a curriculum guide for Island Below the Star

What makes it a new world?
Print-on-Demand & E-Books