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The calligraphy in this book is based on that of the Milbank Papyrus, #10486, at the Oriental Institute of Chicago; the ornamental hieroglyphs are based on those on the
sarcophagus of Psamétik I, now in the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Grenoble, France




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You Can Write Hieroglyphs :: 2015

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Egyptian hieroglyphs—ancient, mysterious, elegant—have fascinated people for thousands of years. In this book are the most common hieroglyphs—the ones the Egyptians used to spell out their words. Each hieroglyph is taken from a 3500-year-old papyrus written by an unknown scribe who left us with some of the most beautiful handwriting ever to have been discovered.
     James Rumford presents each hieroglyph with bold illustrations and shows how each letter was formed. In this way, anyone at any age can copy the elegant style of this ancient scribe and go back to a time when A was an Egyptian vulture, B was a leg, and C was a neatly folded piece of linen cloth.

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     You Can Write Hieroglyphs will not teach you how to write sentences in Egyptian or all of the 700 hieroglyphs in the Egyptian language. What this book will teach you are the hieroglyphs you will need to write your name. It will also show you how to form some of the most beautiful hieroglyphs ever to have been found in Egypt. These were written by a scribe who lived 3500 years ago. We do not know his name, but we do know that he was a master of calligraphy [cull-igg-ruff-ee], the art of beautiful handwriting.












Publisher: Mānoa Press

Format : paperback


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