Monster in the Alphabet cover

There's a Monster in the Alphabet :: 2002

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From the flap of the book:  According to Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian, a Phoenician named Cadmus brought the alphabet to Greece. In the ancient myths, Cadmus was a hero who fought a ferocious monster and founded the city of Thebes. Cadmus was so famous that his deeds were told and retold throughout the ancient world. In this modern retelling, [the author] uses the alphabet that Cadmus brought to Greece to recount the hero’s own story. Part truth, part fancy, this different kind of alphabet book takes its reader on a journey to the distant past, when our letters were not just marks to record sounds but were pictures of eyes and hands, doors and fences, giant teeth and . . . monsters.




Houghton Mifflin

Amy Flynn 

art director:
Bob Kosturko