Miss Margaret, Cat Magnet :: 2016

A paperback book published by Mānoa Press

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Margaret Cat Magnet cover

This is the story of Margaret, who desperately wanted to have a cat, despite her parents' objections. One night Margaret received special magnetic powers that brought her more cats than she ever could have imagined. But could those special powers change her parents' minds?

The germ of this book began many, many years ago, when my wife bought a patchwork doll made by Sonja Hagemann of Hale‘iwa. The creator had stuck a cloth cat to the doll. I was fascinated and wondered what it would be like if a girl had the power to attract cats just as a magnet attracts iron. It took several years to come up with a story. When I did, I had to bring Margaret to life in a drawing, but I liked nothing I did—until I met Pamela Telford of Maui. Her flowing, red hair stopped me dead in my tracks, and I went home to find a red-haired Margaret smiling from my drawing board.










format: paperback