Here are some of my books which are related to these videos. Click on the book cover below to find out more.

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Here are some videos I made.


The Bibliosaurus. 

I was thinking the other day how some book lovers, librarians, editors, and publishers are like dinosaurs. They don’t see what’s coming. They don’t understand the impact of ebooks and the internet on those relics made of paper and ink that they hold in their hands!

The Girl, the Old Man, and the Book.

The more evolved the technology the more difficult it is to maintain. A book, once printed and bound, needs no more than a simple bookshelf to maintain its structural integrity, no more than hand and eye to use. Not so the e-book of the Brave New World without libraries?

Beo-bunny (video short & book) 

Sometime ago, when I was working on my retelling of the epic tale of Beowulf, it occurred to me that Beowulf’s herioic deeds might just be the deeds of Beatrix Potter’s beloved Peter Rabbit. After all, was not McGregor an ogre who ate Peter’s kith and kin?

Griffins and THE SCRAPBOOK 

In September 2012, I serialized a long tale (called THE SCRAPBOOK) about Rozelle G. Hodges and her fascination with the medieval traveler Sir John Mandeville.  As one of her adventures included investigating the griffins of Southern Russia, I decided to make a short video about what she had found.



These videos were all made using Adobe Photoshop.